Breaking: Trump Campaign Manger Corey Lewandowski Demoted in Favor of (Alleged) Russian Mob Fixer

One of America’s leading twerps has apparently been demoted, per reports that Trump himself seems to have confirmed. Lest you think this might be some indication that Trump’s campaign is improving, Lewandowski is being replaced with alleged mob fixer and confirmed lobbyist for Islamist extremists Paul Manafort. From the Washington Examiner.


Donald Trump’s campaign manager Corey Lewandowski has been demoted and will now serve as the GOP front-runner’s body man and scheduler as Paul Manafort fills the role of running the Trump campaign.

CBS reported that Trump’s campaign has been significantly reorganized, and that the number of staffers reporting directly to Lewandowski has been reduced. Trump’s national field director Stuart Jolly also resigned on Monday when faced with the prospect of reporting to newly hired political director Rick Wiley, who used to serve as Scott Walker’s campaign manager.

Trump acknowledged the changes Tuesday morning on “Fox and Friends.”

The fact that Lewandowski and Jolly were ever put in such high positions is evidence that Trump mostly hires clueless people who are in over their heads, as opposed to hiring the “best people” as he always claims.


Incredibly, their replacements are even worse. Manafort’s scummy history has been well documented here at RedState, and Rick Wiley is incompetent as well as scandal ridden, as Scott Walker learned the hard way earlier this year.

Of course, no reputable person really wants to be caught aboard the Trump Train when it finishes careening off the rails and plunges headlong and flaming into a ravine, so Manafort and Wiley were probably the best replacements available. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer campaign, frankly.


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