Behold the Great CNN Trump Victory Ritual (VIDEO)

Every time Ted Cruz wins a primary, CNN spends most of the night talking about Donald Trump and how what Ted Cruz just did does not matter. When Trump wins a primary, he is the greatest winner who ever won and his victory is inevitable. As this primary has gone on, and it became more and more clear that Trump wasn’t going to clinch the nomination before the convention, CNN has developed a hilarious ritual.

First, John King will go to his wall and paint the rosiest possible scenario for Trump. As time has gone on, the scenarios get rosier and rosier, and still Trump does not reach 1,237. Here, watch him do it from tonight:

After this part of the ritual is done, the panelists will go right back to explaining how Trump is just a huge winner and his victory is inevitable, and what Ted Cruz is doing is just futile. I guess they hope you don’t remember how they just explained that Trump will be the first front runner who didn’t clinch before the convention in the last 40 years.

Their desperation at the prospect of not having Trump to talk about any more is palpable.

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