Trump Colorado Delegate Protest Draws a Pathetically Small Crowd

Supporters of Donald Trump staged a protest yesterday about the fact that Trump got shut out of Colorado’s delegate allocation. Trump himself predicted that this protest would draw “thousands” of people and that his supporters were going to really show the Colorado GOP what they were due for their “crooked” and “rigged” process.

The actual crowd that turned out was… well, a little shy of “thousands.”

The Colorado protest organized by frustrated supporters of Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump didn’t quite live up to the hype.

Local news footage showed that between 100 and 200 Trump fans gathered outside the Colorado state capitol Friday to denounce last weekend’s GOP convention results, which saw Texas Sen. Ted Cruz win all 34 delegates.

Here’s what we are rapidly learning about Donald Trump supporters (including his campaign): they suck at doing literally everything other than showing up to hear Donald Trump give speeches. They suck at actually voting, they suck at being registered to vote, they suck at organizing, they suck at planning, they suck at persuading other people to vote for Trump. This is a result of the fact that Erick was right: many of them just suck at life.

Oh, I suppose they’re good at one other thing: spending a bunch of time sending angry emails to total strangers on the Internet in order to “prove” that they aren’t really losers. Although, spoiler: no one who isn’t a loser spends longer than about 10 seconds on a complaint email they do not know. And even in this context, 99% of the time they suck at spelling basic English words and also at punctuation.

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