Why is the U.S. Extraditing the Romanian Hacker who Hacked Sidney Blumenthal's Email?

Over at Townhall, Guy Benson notes that the United States is extraditing a Romanian hacker who is currently being held in a Romanian prison for having hacked the accounts of high level Romanian officials. The hacker, whose name is Marcel Lehel Lazar, is relevant to the United States because he hacked into the email of Clinton adviser and confidant Sidney Blumenthal.


This, of course, raises the question: “Why is the United States extraditing a hacker who’s already in prison in Romania, and why are they doing so now?” As Guy notes:

The cyber threat posed by “Guccifer” had been cut off at the knees, given that he was sitting in an Eastern European prison cell.  Why would the US government bother going through the ordeal and expense of dragging him to America now?  Key officials aren’t commenting, but we know that the request came from the FBI right around the time that the nonpartisan Inspector General for the intelligence community charged that Mrs. Clinton’s unsecure email server contained exceptionally secret material.  Ed Morrissey notes that if Guccifer “cracked Hillary’s server rather than Blumenthal’s (or both), then it makes prosecution under 18 USC 793 easier under subsection (f)” of the federal Espionage Act.  That’s the bit that deals with “gross negligence” in the handling of classified information.  I’ve argued on several occasions that Clinton may be vulnerable under that provision of the statute, particularly in light of her decisions to ignore explicit warnings about the risks associated with her conduct.  If it can be proven that Guccifer — an amateur — penetrated Clinton’s emails, it would follow that hostile foreign powers with far more sophisticated resources and methods could also have gained access to the large cache of secret information, as several high-ranking officials have stated is a near certainty.  That goes far beyond mere “carelessness,” as President Obama characterized it yesterday.


No one is coming right out and saying that this guy is getting extradited as part of the probe into Hillary’s email, specifically, but it’s pretty difficult to avoid the conclusion that the investigation is playing a critical role in the timing of this extradition.

I share Hillary’s belief that no one is coming to throw her in jail, almost no matter what the investigation reveals. But that doesn’t mean that prominent Hillary Clinton aides aren’t in some potentially very serious trouble in a scandal that might well harm her in the general election, provided that she has to run against anyone not named Donald Trump.


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