Trump Surrogate Scottie Neil Hughes Outrageously Blames Pro-Life Movement For Trump's Idiotic Failure To Grasp It

This is… one of the more unbelievable segments you will ever see on TV. I’ve said it a million times – not everyone who supports Trump is a garbage human being, but the folks who are leading the Trump Train in public are universally garbage. Just unmitigated trash. And I won’t apologize for saying it. I swear, these people are going to drive me to literally donate to Hillary Clinton if Trump is the nominee.


Enter Scottie Nell Hughes, Trump surrogate and garbage human being, to rubbish the pro-life movement and the decades it has struggled to improve the plight of unborn children in the public’s eye, just because doing so gives her an excuse – however stupid and illogical – to defend her not-very-bright boss.

Via Right Scoop:


Hughes: But I think that right there speaks to what I said about they are throwing everything at him. It’s not like this is the only thing we’ve talked about this week. Every, single… it’s almost like morning and afternoon we’re getting something else. I’m not saying it’s organized (Ed. note – this is a lie) but it’s interesting that this has been the war on women week, that Donald Trump hates women. Two weeks ago it was about campaign violence [crosstalk] But you know, but you know, you have to understand, everybody has attacked him, has thrown stuff at his campaign, and this issue, obviously this is the issue this week…

Bolduan: I’m just talking about this one issue (the abortion comments – LW).

Hughes: Well welcome to the big week that everyone is making something about it. But, but the key is, even though he’s bringing it up, the confusion, and I think why Mr. Trump was not able to give a good answer, a solid answer, is because the pro-life movement has not been able to have a solid answer, either. They’ve not. If they’ve had such clear answers in all of this in legislation, they would have been able to pass it through. But we’ve..

Bolduan: But Scottie, you’re now saying the pro-life movement… (trails off, clearly realizing that a prominent conservative is about to be willfully baited in to defecating on the pro-life movement on live television)

Hughes: The pro-life movement is not very clear also because we have, we’ve seen the best chances in the fall to defund Taxpayer funded abortions (Hold on a second, I just sprained my brain trying to follow this particular diversion from the question that was asked) and yet for some reason they did not have the strategy, they did not have the communication with the sitting GOP Congress that we control to have that pass… until Carly Fiorina made it a presidential issue, we had the momentum to remove that funding, and then the gaffe that she had caused us once again, every Senator including Ted Cruz backed away from it and did not fight for that funding to be defunded. That’s the action right now. There is not organization amongst the pro-life movement to clarify the issue otherwise maybe this might have been a lot more cut and dry than it was.


Wow. What in the world any of that part about the Planned Parenthood funding had a damn thing to do with the fact that Donald Trump did not know how to answer a very basic question, I am at a loss to understand. But that’s okay, because the factual premise was wrong.

The momentum did not exist to pass that legislation while Barack Obama was President because there were not at any point 66 senators willing to vote to override his veto, nor could there have been. The idea that some strategy or communication would have existed to overcome that basic fact is just a fantasy dreamworld. There was exactly one even possible strategy: shutting down the government, and they refused to do it. End of story.

But back to the actual issue which is whether the pro-life movement has been clear on the question Trump was asked: yes we have. It’s been clear for years that every public pro-life leader who is asked the question says that the right public policy is to deal with abortion as a medical licensing issue.

But even if that were not true, it’s not the responsibility of any nebulous “pro-life movement” to tell Donald Trump what to think. It’s Donald Trump’s responsibility. He calls himself “pro-life.” He even angrily declares, while pointing his stubby little fingers at no one in particular, “Everyone knows I am pro-life.” It’s up to him to know what that statement actually means, or at least to have some independent idea about what it should mean.


And if he’s not smart enough to do that, it’s not the pro-life movement’s fault.


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