Ben Carson's Dumb Defense of Trump Proves that Neither is Fit to be President

Yesterday, Donald Trump made the worst possible hash out of a question on abortion that you could even imagine. He basically made Todd Akin, Richard Mourdock, and Christine O’Donnell look like seasoned veterans in terms of manipulating the media minefield of abortion questions.


First, he said in response to Chris Matthews that a woman should be punished if she gets an abortion.

Less than an hour later, he sent a statement to NBC News that the whole thing was confusing and should be sent back to the states.

About an hour after that, he sent out yet another statement that directly contradicted his first clarification and his original statement at the same time, both indicating that the doctor should be punished instead of the woman, and that he would support Congress passing a law outlawing abortion.

The furor over these remarks roused Ben Carson from the comatose state he lives in to offer the stupidest defense of Donald Trump possible:

Ben Carson defended Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump on Wednesday for his proposal to punish women who get illegal abortions, a position he quickly reversed.

Well bear in mind, I don’t believe that he was warned that that question was coming, and I don’t think he really had a chance to really think about it,” Carson said in an interview with CNN.

Oh, well, I guess we should really all feel better now. See, Trump should be excused because he wasn’t warned the question was coming. Just because it took him three attempts spanning two hours to finally say what he (allegedly) means, that’s no cause for alarm at all.

The fact that Ben Carson is willing to excuse Donald Trump for making two consecutive horrible, tremendously damaging answers because he wasn’t warned in advance what questions were coming means that Ben Carson doesn’t understand what the job of the Presidency involves, and that neither man should be allowed within artillery fire distance of the White House.


If Trump is elected (something that will never happen unless Hillary Clinton drops dead in late October and maybe not even then) he will have to travel around the world meeting with leaders of various countries, some of whom America needs to remain friendly, and all of whom we would ideally like to not provoke an unnecessary war with. Trump’s tendency to let whatever dumbass words enter his head fall out of his mouth is a serious problem and could cause actual, serious problems for our country.

Being at least sort of careful with your words is a necessary skill for the leader of the free world, like it or not. Trump is incapable of learning and Carson is incapable of understanding why it is necssary.


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