Have You Noticed that No One Ever Asks this Question About Trump?

Congratulations to Kirsten Powers! Today, she officially became the one millionth columnist to write a column asking who is to blame for Trump. If you’ll exit stage left, Kirsten, you can collect your kewpie doll.


The ridiculously pretentious think piece about who is to blame for Trump (be it the Establishment, be it websites like RedState, be it Ted Cruz himself, be it the Democrats for ignoring blue collar concerns) has become such a staple of modern commentary that it is quickly descending into parody.

Megan McArdle acidly (and correctly) summed up the whole genre thusly:


Here’s an interesting thought: have you ever noticed that no one ever asks who deserves credit for the emergence of Donald Trump?

Wonder why that is?

My guess: probably for the same reason that no one ever asks who or what is deserves credit for a person getting cancer.


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