Trump Campaign Manager Corey Lewandowski's Defense Lawyer Also (Allegedly) Batters Women

As you have probably heard by now, Trump’s campaign manager Corey Lewandowski was booked this morning on charges of misdemeanor battery against former Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields. The Jupiter PD furthermore issued a video that clearly shows Lewandowski grabbing fields and yanking her backwards, which is pretty much textbook battery.


Anyway, despite being caught on video, the Trump camapaign and Lewandowski himself are of course loudly blaring his innocence:


Meanwhile, one industrious person on Twitter noticed something about Lewandowski’s lawyer, Kendall Coffey:


Here is the New York Times’ original story about the incident:

MIAMI, May 17— The United States Attorney for the Southern District of Florida resigned today after the conclusion of a Justice Department investigation into allegations that he had an altercation at a topless bar days after losing a major drug case here.

Justice Department officials confirmed that the official, Kendall B. Coffey, appointed by President Clinton in 1993, has been the subject of an internal inquiry and that he had met with Attorney General Janet Reno on Thursday to discuss a report by the department’s investigators.

* * *

In an article published on Thursday, The Miami Herald reported that Mr. Coffey had had an altercation with a topless dancer in a Dade County nightclub last February, in which, the Herald said, he bit the dancer on the arm. Mr. Stern of the Justice Department said he could not confirm that report. The newspaper cited “sources with knowledge of the alleged incident” and said that for weeks Mr. Coffey had declined requests for interviews and had not issued a denial.

The Herald also reported that the dancer’s husband had approached lawyers about a possible lawsuit.

The Herald said Mr. Coffey had been “upset” about his office’s losing a major drug case days earlier. In that case, a jury had acquitted two drug-trafficking defendants whom Mr. Coffey was so certain he would send to prison that his office rejected a plea offer in which they were willing to forfeit more than $20 million to the Government.


Hey man, if you want to get off without prosecution for battering a woman, I guess you better hire someone who’s been there before, right?


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