Kasich Pulling all Wisconsin Radio Ads

Via Charlie Sykes, who would know, the Kasich campaign is apparently pulling all radio ads from Wisconsin markets. UPDATE: Per the Kasich Campaign, only certain Wisconsin markets are affected.  The tempting thing to believe here is that Kasich is stepping out of the way because he knows that Cruz has a much better chance to beat Trump in Wisconsin.


However, that is completely out of step with everything John Kasich has done throughout the campaign season. Kasich has been scrounging and trying to get every single delegate he can, even if doing so gives delegates to Trump and reduces his chances of reaching a contested convention, which is the only mathematical shot he has of winning. We saw him do it in both Utah and Arizona.

Strategic thinking is not really anything Kasich is interested in. Neither is putting America before his own interests. Nor is Kasich really interested in the increasing mountain of polls that show him losing.

Really, the only plausible explanation for what is happening here is that Kasich is running out of money. Which is pretty much the only thing that will stop his campaign from rolling pointlessly on, is if he becomes unable to write checks to John Weaver and the gang. In other words, this might be the start of some very good news.



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