Charlie Sykes Just Destroyed Donald Trump (AUDIO)

This is why it’s important to have a competent campaign. Donald Trump’s people should have never allowed him to go on Charlie Sykes’ show. Sykes is a well known critic of Trump – moreover, he’s intelligent, articulate, and a relentless interview. As a communications professional, you have to always know what kinds of interview you are sending your boss into.


Charlie Sykes is probably the biggest talk radio personality in the state of Wisconsin, and he’s good enough at his job that he’s pretty well nationally known. However, he is an avowed #NeverTrump supporter. A competent communications person would have known this and at the very least told Trump.

Trump’s comms people, though, are Katrina Pierson, et al, as opposed to competent people. And so you get debacles like the one that unfolded on Charlie Sykes’s show, where Sykes flat out tells Trump he’s #NeverTrump and Trump clearly didn’t know. Take a listen:

Brutal. The rest of the media should take notes on how to actually pin Trump down on an answer to a question. If Charlie Sykes can do it, why can’t anyone from any of the major cable news networks?

I don’t think Wisconsin is going to go well for Trump a week from tomorrow.


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