Trump Supporter: Who Knows if Trump is Lying to us or Not? That's Part of the Excitement! (VIDEO)

So you’re about to watch a video of a Trump supporter who’s not just a random man-on-the-street person. This is a person who was selected to appear on television on purpose because she was perceived by CNN to be a good television spokesperson for Donald Trump supporters (like Amanda Carpenter is for Cruz supporters or Goblin Jeffrey Lord or Edgar Suit Kayleigh MacEnany are at other times for Trump supporters).

She was asked, in this clip, about one of Trump’s advisor’s claims that we (non Trump supporters) should all feel better about the crazy things Donald Trump says he’ll do about foreign policy because he doesn’t really mean any of them. This Trump supporter spokeswoman answered, paraphrased, who knows if Donald Trump is lying to us or not? That’s part of the fun!

I wish I was making that up.

Pamela Brown (CNN): One of Donald Trump’s foreign policy advisors told NPR that Trump will count on advisors, that he wants his advisors to educate, but he also said that Trump won’t follow through on his most extreme campaign promises, like enabling interrogators to torture. That he’s making those statements because it’s, quote, political season. What do you make of that.

Adriana Cohen (Professional Trump Supporter): Well, you know, that remains to be seen. Um, Donald Trump is expressing his views right now in real time, it’s captivating the public’s attention, he’s dominating in the delegate count, but I think we’ll see as the campaign progresses, and he is, he does end up becoming President of the United States, um, you know, we’ll see how these policies play out later on. We also have to look at where we are with terrorism in November, and that’s absolutely going to impact any Presidential, any President’s foreign policy at that point. And that’s, go ahead…

S. E. Cupp: Two things. I think it’s pretty cynical of Donald Trump if he is purposefully misleading people about what he would do as President. But it’s also, it should be pointed out to supporters like Adriana, a lot of the things he wants to do, he cannot do. He will not be able to do. Whether he wants to, whether he plans on changing his mind later, these are not things that congressionally, constitutionally, international laws will allow him to do, these are things his supporters should be asking… these promisese I like, these proposals I like, um, can these really happen?

Pamela Brown: At the same time, the same thing can be said for other candidates too, these promises.. no way they could follow through on them?

Some Democrat I’ve never seen before today but who nonetheless wins this exchange hands down with one statement: Okay, number one, when your own supporters are saying, we don’t know if we can believe what he’s saying, we’re gonna have to wait and see? That’s incredible.

The scary part is that, for most Trump supporters, the answer Cohen gave was just A-OK. Nothing that bothers them at all.

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