The Media's Malpractice on the Melania Trump Ad

The media’s malpractice with respect to any story involving Donald Trump just continues to get worse. One of the worst things the media does when they are trying to appear “unbiased” is to present in an equal light an obvious truth told by one candidate and an obvious lie put forth by another. Sometimes, facts are open to interpretation and when candidates are arguing about the interpretation to those facts, that’s a fair thing for the media to do.


But this particular story about the Melania Trump ad is not one of those times. Trump says the group that made the ad, the Make America Awesome PAC is a pro-Cruz SuperPAC. Cruz says they are not. The media has been reporting on both of these assertions and letting the viewer decide. This is absolute malpractice, because the objective facts, including the FEC reports, indicate clearly that they are an independent anti-Trump PAC, period. There simply is not a universe in which there are facts indicating that Ted Cruz has anything to do with this PAC.

The right way to report on this story is to say, “Donald Trump claims that this ad is from a pro-Cruz SuperPAC, but that is simply not true,” and then to stick a microphone in Trump’s face and ask why he’s lying about it. I mean, facts are facts.


But instead, not only is that not happening, but now the media is flat out just reporting Trump’s lie. Watch this Fox News clip:


Just absolutely insane. Via Right Scoop.


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