Fake Nice Guy John Kasich is a Jerk to a Cop for No Reason (VIDEO)

One of the most nauseating and transparently fake things to come down the pike in a long time is John Kasich’s nice guy act. Kasich is one of the most notorious jerks in the history of Washington, DC, which is a town full of jerks. To paraphrase the Big Lebowski, that places him high on the list of jerks worldwide.


Anyway, here is video of him dealing with a cop who pulled him over in 2008. As you well know, I’ve been critical of over-reaching cops quite often on the front page of RedState. But as you can see from this video, this cop had Kasich dead to rights on a ticket, and was unfailingly professional and courteous to him throughout the whole stop. He did not at any point either act rude or overbearing to Kasich, or respond to Kasich’s agitation.

In response, Kasich publicly trashed him and lied about the stop a few days later.

Take a look.

John Kasich is not the dopey, benevolent uncle he is currently pretending to be on the campaign trail. He is an unrepentant a**hole whose only shot at the nomination is convincing the RNC to rip it away from Trump and/or Cruz and give it to him in spite of the fact that he’s been in dead last almost everywhere.



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