Cruz Responds to Establishment's Demand for an Apology to McConnell

The word is going around that the GOP Senate is getting ready to rally around Ted Cruz as a way of stopping Donald Trump, but before they do, they want Cruz to pay obeisance before McConnell and apologize for publicly calling him a liar. Cruz, who has gotten this far without the help of a single one of his fellow Senators not named Mike Lee, wisely responded in the only appropriate way:


Ted Cruz said that he won’t humble himself before Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to smooth over the rough relationship he has developed with colleagues.

“[Cruz] tells me he won’t go ‘on bended knee, with my hat in hand’ to Mitch McConnell to unify GOP against [Trump],” FOX News’s James Rosen tweeted Wednesday morning.

CNN published a report Tuesday quoting Sens. John Cornyn, John Thune and Orrin Hatch as saying that Cruz should work to repair his Senate ties, and that he has work to do to earn the goodwill of his cohorts.

You would think that an entity that has seen itself as completely humbled as the Republican caucus of the United States Senate would have the good sense to understand that roughly 80% of the Republican party is behind either Ted Cruz or Donald Trump right now based solely on their ineptitude, and that if anything, McConnell should be apologizing to Cruz for his utter failure as a majority leader.

Well, looks like Cruz will get to soldier on without the help of John Cornyn and John Thune, somehow.


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