Donald Trump says he's the most Presidential Candidate since Abraham Lincoln

It’s hard to know where to even start with the delusionally narcissistic things Donald Trump says. The latest hit came last night when he was giving his post-results press conference. He was asked about the ad that shows him using repeated profanity during the course of his rallies and questioned his ability to be presidential. Here’s how Trump responded:


Trump: I think it’s better than any ad I’ve ever taken for myself. I do. You know why? Let me just tell you why. No, I really mean it. I really mean it. I heard about the ad, then I said, oh, I’m not going to like this. But, when I looked at it… and I could be – by the way, I could be more Presidential than anybody. I can be more Presidential, if I want to be, I can be more Presidential than anybody. You know, when I have sixteen people coming at me from sixteen angles, you don’t want to be so Presidential. You have to win, you have to beat them back, right? And, but, I would say more Presidential, and I’ve said this a couple of times, more Presidential than anybody other than the great Abe Lincoln. He was very Presidential, right?

Donald Trump has been on the campaign trail since, what, last June? That’s been about nine months now. And he is still telling us things that he can do if he wants to, without ever doing it. He can know more about foreign policy if he wants to. He can know about what judges he’ll appoint, if he wants to. He can be more Presidential, if he wants to. Bottom line is, though, that you have to pass the Donald to find out what’s in the Donald.


Moreover, where does this whiny little boy get off acting like he’s the first front runner to ever be attacked by a crowded field? Literally every Republican front runner in history has been attacked by a bunch of different people and none of them felt like they had to respond by habitually using words that would cause parents of small children to turn off their televisions and radios.




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