(VIDEO) Senator Ben Sasse Explains Why He Joined #NeverTrump

This just happened on CNN. Ben Sasse, my new favorite Senator, just explained to Jake Tapper why he will never vote for or support Donald Trump.

Every time I see Ben Sasse on TV I like him more. He lacks the polish of more seasoned politicians, as you might expect of a guy who ran for his first office just a couple years ago. He’s plain spoken, but not in a I’m-saying-I’m-anti-PC-so-I-can-cover-for-the-fact-that-I’m-probably-racist Donald Trump way. Sasse is a man of decency and clear thought, and he says exactly what he means. The end.


And what he means in this case is that the country is in crisis, and “Donald Trump thinks the whole thing is a game. This is not a man he can support.


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