Donald Trump Has Less than 5% of the Delegates He Needs to Win the Nomination

Right now, the clueless media, who are desperate for the continuation of the Trump-driven ratings boost they have received are gleefully reporting that the race is all but over, Trump has won, get ready for President Hillary.


The media does not understand conservatives in the least, and they never have. They have correctly calculated that mounting pretend attacks on Trump increases his standing with his own base of support, which works well to their advantage.

But their lack of understanding about conservative voters has led them to look at what Trump has accomplished in the primary thus far, and conclude that his trajectory will be more or less the same as John McCain’s, or Mitt Romney’s. They fail to understand that, while conservatives were not enthusiastic about either Romney or McCain, neither was anything even remotely as offensive to conservative sensibilities as Trump is.

Trump has got his 30-35% of the Republican party in the bag. They are not going to change their minds, no matter what. No matter how many times Trump stabs them in the back, no matter how many insane and ill-informed things he says, these people are his. However, the media grossly underestimates the extent to which the rest of the Republican party has come to bitterly hate Donald Trump, in a way they never did John McCain or Mitt Romney.


As I noted last night, John McCain’s standing in the national polls went up 10% (per RCP average) between the day of the Iowa caucuses and the day of the South Carolina primary. Mitt Romney’s went up 8.5%. Donald Trump’s went down 1.5%. Donald Trump is not building momentum. He is bitterly opposed by a huge remaining contingent of Republicans.

And right now, including last night’s delegates, he has less than 5% of the delegates he needs to win the nomination. Trump currently has 61 delegates, and he needs 1,237. I plan to fight him every day until the day he crosses that threshold, and maybe beyond. I know I’m not nearly the only one who feels that way.

This race isn’t over, not by a long shot.



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