Donald Trump Lives in Fantasyland

I know this is not really news to anyone, but Donald Trump is more clueless about the limitations of government power than Bernie Sanders is. His strategy for dealing with the challenges posed by the world at large sounds at all times like a not-very-informed seventh grade Model UN contestant. Here he is, on CBS, explaining how easy it is, in what passes for his mind, to make the problem of Kim Jong Un go away.


It’s very simple, see! We just make China assassinate him, and if they won’t do that, we cut off trade with them. Ta daaaa! What could possibly go wrong?


Reporter: Yesterday we heard the Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, in Congress saying that North Korea’s nuclear effort is the top threat to the United States. What would you do to deal with that reclusive country?
Trump: I would get China to make  that guy disappear in one form or another very quickly. And let me tell you, people say, oh…
Reporter: How do you mean, make him disappear, you mean, assassinate him?
Trump: Well, you know, I’ve heard of worse things, frankly, I mean this guy’s a bad dude. And don’t underestimate him. Any young guy can take over from his father, with all those generals, and everybody else that probably want the position, this is not somebody to be underestimating. China has control [crosstalk] I’ll tell you why. Because China has control, absolute control of North Korea. They don’t say it but they do, and they should make that problem disappear…. We have power over China. China should do that. Now, Iran..
Reporter: You would force the Chinese to take over North Korea?
Trump: I would force the Chinese to do it…
Reporter: How??
Trump: Economically, economically, Charlie. They’re sucking the money out of us, we have a trade deficit this year, with China, five hundred billion dollars. They’re taking money out of our country, they’re taking our jobs..
Reporter: They hold all our debt, too.
Trump: Well, you know what, we owe them, think of it….
Reporter: So you’re saying, in response to Nora’s question, you would leave it up to the Chinese…
Trump: No, I wouldn’t leave it up to them, I would tell them, “you gotta do it.”
Reporter: Force them? And if they said “No,” you would do what?
Trump: I would be very tough with them.
Reporter: If they said “No,” what would you do?
Trump: I would very strongly stop them from ripping – I’m going to stop them anyway to a certain extent, but maybe I do it a little more forcefully.
Oh, okay. Definitely nobody’s ever thought of trying to get China to control North Korea before. You’re the first, Donald! Thanks for this great idea. Definitely our problem is solved in North Korea, now that we have your intellect to guide us to this obvious solution.
And thanks also for this amazing idea about what do when they definitely tell us to blow it out our ear. I mean, you’ve already said that you’re planning on putting a stop to all the nefarious things they’re doing, but NOW – now they’re going to be on double secret probation, which is sure to straighten them right out. Just like how you’re going to “double and triple up” sanctions on Iran, however the hell that is even supposed to work.
Who is listening to this man and believing that putting him in charge of this country would be anything but a total disaster? And when do they plan to stop drinking before noon?


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