Trump Spox: You Know, the Founding Fathers Called Each other "P*ssy" All the Time

Last night on stage at one of his events, the hugest, classiest person ever to run for President called Ted Cruz a “p*ssy” on stage. You can watch the video here for yourself. Of course, Trump was too cowardly to own the childish insult himself, but of course that’s exactly what he did.


This morning on CNN, Alice Stewart (Ted Cruz spox) and Katrina Pierson (certified crazy person and Trump spox) discussed the incident, and as you might imagine, the Trump “explanation” for Trump’s behavior is… well, a doozy.

Pierson: But Allison, let me just say this. When we look at the founding fathers, and when they were competing, they said far worse things about each other when they were campaigning. This is not nothing (sic) new, this is politics. And I’ll also say that one of the things that is appealing to (sic) Mr. Trump is he is breaking that politically correct mold. We don’t want somebody that’s going to be politically correct all the time, we want someone..

Host: Yes, but isn’t there a difference between political correctness and vulgarity? I mean, what’s the, I’m just curious, for you, what’s the line? What could he say…?

Pierson: The line for me is free speech. The first Amendment. That’s the line. (smiling like she just made an actual point)

Host: Alright, fine, so that’s the line for you? Any, any profanity, any vulgarity, on the campaign trail, is fine?

Pierson: Well, what I’m saying is that it’s free speech. And Mr. Trump is… this is the live free, or die state. Mr. Trump is exercising his free speech, it was in fun with the audience, you heard the whole stadium roared and started chanting, they’re having fun with Mr. Trump.


A couple things. First of all, Pierson is full of crap. If she can find record of one of the founding fathers referring to another as a “p*ssy” (or even a rough equivalent), I will buy a Make America Great hat and thus become a donor to the Trump campaign. Some of us (although certainly no one who works for the Trump campaign) have read the writings of the founding fathers and know how harebrained of a statement this is.

Second, “free speech” is not at all the issue here, which any person with half a brain would know. No one is saying that Trump is not legally allowed to say whatever stupid, profane thing enters his head. The question is whether doing so degrades the office he seeks to hold and whether voters will hold him accountable. My free speech allows me to say that I’m increasingly leaning towards voting for Hillary or Bloomberg if Trump is the nominee, and that’s the issue that hopefully someone in the Trump campaign could address.

However, they can’t, because having quality people in the campaign is not what Trump 2016 is all about.



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