Ted Cruz Refuses Comment on Nickelback Controversy

The Ted Cruz campaign has been rocked by scandal and rumors over the last month. I’m not talking about Carsongate, which is a nothingburger, or the even bigger nothingburger that is the “birther” controversy. I’m talking about the ugly allegations, probably circulated by the Trump campaign, that Ted Cruz likes Nickelback.


I had always assumed that this scurrilous accusation was false until I saw this clip. A group called HeadCount was out in New Hampshire talking to voters of all ideological stripes over the weekend, and you can view their full video here. Most of it is just young voters being young voters and not being especially well informed on where the candidates stand, but then this bombshell happened:

Wow. Damning. You would think that Ted Cruz would have taken the time to clarify that his favorite musical group is not, in fact, Nickelback, if that were the case. This “no comment” might well come back to hurt him on the campaign trail later.


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