Ben Carson Gets Hoisted on His Own Petard, and it Isn't Pretty (VIDEO)

It is by now well understood that someone from the Ben Carson campaign is responsible for the whole “Carson going to Florida” mess, and during a press conference today, Carson admitted it. Nonetheless, Carson has been saying all day today and yesterday that Cruz should be held responsible for his staffer having tweeted out something that was in news reports carried by major networks.


During his press conference today, a reporter confronted Carson with the hypocrisy of saying that Cruz should be responsible for his staffer, while refusing to take responsibility for his own staffer who told the media that he was going to Florida in the first place. Carson’s answer was surprisingly petty, and furthermore seems to indicate that maybe he really was planning to go to Florida after all:

Reporter: Do you regret, uh, announcing that that you were going to be going back to Florida and spurring some of this confusion?

Carson: Well, I didn’t make that announcement. Uh, I guess somebody talked to … other people…

Reporter: Well, your campaign told the press.

Carson: You know, *I* didn’t say it, so don’t blame me. [laughing]

Reporter: But you’re here telling us that people should know what’s going on in their campaign and hold people accountable, I mean that’s [crosstalk]

Carson: Well, let me ask you this question, is it okay after being on the road for after three weeks to go home to Florida and get a fresh change of clothes? Or is that a problem? Does that make someone into an evil, horrible person?


Good Lord. So, to summarize:

  • Carson admits his own campaign staffer talked to the media and said he was going to Florida.
  • Carson takes no responsibility for the actions of this staffer.
  • Cruz staffer tweeted a media report based entirely on what the aforementioned staffer said.
  • According to Carson, Cruz should take responsibility for that staffer.
  • If you find that inconsistent, then you must just hate the state of Florida and everyone who lives in it.

I am not sure what point the Carson campaign is serving right now.

Hat tip to Phil Kerpen for the video.


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