Trump Spokesman Flat out Lies about Trump's Own Words

Life as a Trump spokesperson has got to be a degrading existence. Your job, essentially, is to defend every public utterance of a guy who changes positions every half hour, but refuses to ever admit that he has ever been wrong. As the Right Scoop notes, part of the job description of being a Trump spokesman is literally believing that Donald Trump has never been wrong, even when Donald Trump disagrees with previous things Donald Trump has said.

Supporters of other candidates do not have to do this. Rubio’s supporters don’t have to say that Rubio was never involved in Gang of 8 or that it wasn’t a mistake, because Rubio admits it. Cruz’s supporters don’t have to say that he has never supported a massive increase in H-1B visas or that this wasn’t a mistake because Cruz admits it. Cruz and Rubio are actual Christians, see, which means they understand that human beings are fallible and make mistakes, and that admitting your mistakes is part of what makes you a quality person.

Donald Trump also has an infallible god, and his name is Donald Trump, and all who follow him must accept this truth. Watch Trump spokesman Corey Lewandowski flat out lie and say that Trump never said that he needed to “get a little establishment.” Credit for finding this video goes to the Right Scoop.

Berman: It’s just, do you agree with Donald Trump that you need to be a little bit establishment?

Lewandowski: He didn’t say we need to be a little bit establishment..

Berman: He did!

Lewandowski: What he said is you need to put people in a room to get things done. What we need to do is to fix anything, people are so..

Berman: (checking notes) Isn’t that what he literally said?

Bolduan: (checking notes) He literally said, “let’s get to be a little establishment.”

Lewandowski: If you’d like me to answer the question. If you’d like me to answer the question, I’d be happy to.

Bolduan: Of course, Corey.

Lewandowksi: [spends about 30 seconds not answering the question, I am not going to transcribe his pointless word salad on a Saturday]

I guess some people find the idea of a person who’s incapable of admitting error – or even incapable of admitting that he said something he was caught on camera saying – to be appealing. Personally, I feel like we’ve already gone through 8 years of that and it was bad enough.

Actually, that’s not fair to Obama. Obama was at least able to admit that he’d done a poor job of communicating from time to time. Trump can’t even admit that.