Ted Cruz: Donald Trump is Obsessed With Me (VIDEO)

Ted Cruz took some time out of his campaign schedule yesterday to sit down with ABC’s George Stephanopolous. Stephanopolous’ first question out of the gate was about Trump’s recent attacks on Cruz. Cruz’s response, basically, was to point out the obvious fact that Trump is basically obssessed with him, and that Cruz is not going to respond in kind.


Cruz: Donald is getting really rattled. I mean, it’s amazing. At every event, instead of actually talking about what he wants to do for the country, he just kind of stands up there and attacks me.

[cut to clip of Trump] Trump: People do not like Ted, to put it mildly…

Cruz: I like Donald Trump, I’ll sing his praises…

Stephanopolous: You still like him?!

Cruz: Abso.. he is bold, he’s brash, he’s an amazing marketer. I mean, this man is an entertainer and marketer par excellence, and so I’m not going to attack him personally. Now, I will draw policy distinctions. I think that’s fair game in politics. But the personal insults, no matter how ugly he gets, I will not respond in kind.



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