The Worst Political Ad So Far this Year

I would not have thought it would be possible to top the Right to Rise ad making fun of Marco Rubio’s boots (and also all the suckers who donated to Jeb Bush Super PACs), but Rand Paul is sure trying. His campaign has just released this ad… or maybe it’s not an ad because I am not sure if the Rand Paul campaign has enough money to actually air any ads right now. Anyway, it’s a video.


I guess the format is maybe supposed to appeal to young people, but based on the infantile reliance on Goldman Sachs bashing and spurious factual claims it’s really more targeted to anyone the Rand Paul campaign thinks isn’t very smart. Also, there’s the fact that “audit the Fed” is kind of a dead issue aside from the 1% of the GOP already committed to vote for Rand.  Here, you can watch this train wreck for yourself:

Good grief. This is more embarrassing than the claim that Rand Paul won the debate by skipping it and taking his message directly to the voters of Iowa and New Hampshire – if that counts as a win, one wonders why Rand tried so hard to get on the debate stage in the first place.

Go home, Rand. Win your Senate seat, and keep doing what you do there.


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