Watch Donald Trump Refer to a Book of the Bible that Does Not Exist (VIDEO)

I am reasonably sure, after watching this clip, that Donald Trump has never read a Bible before. This is probably not exactly surprising to you, but it is nonetheless amusing to see Trump unleashing his inner Ron Burgundy and reading literally whatever is put on a teleprompter in front of him. Watch for yourself and see if there’s any other conclusion to be drawn.


“Two Corinthians”? Look, you don’t have to be a Bible scholar to know that’s not right, you just have to have been to church once or twice, or even paid sort of attention when someone else was talking about the Bible in some social setting. Maybe part of Trump’s “New York Values” is that he doesn’t even meet that bar?

Anyone can misspeak, but this isn’t a misstatement by Trump. At no point does he realize that he’s said anything wrong. He thinks he’s nailed it. He thinks the awkward laughter he hears is appreciation for the awesome point he just made. Sad.


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