This Hillary Clip Won't Exactly Fill Democrats with Confidence

I don’t know of any major politician since I have been alive who struggles more with basic human interaction than Hillary Clinton. If you are a Democrat voter who has been concerned about the slow-rolling boil of the email scandal, including the alarming escalation of the FBI’s investigation into whether Clinton had classified information on her private server, then this clip of Clinton on Face the Nation with Jake Tapper will probably not allay those concerns:


Tapper: Uh, I’m told we’re out of time, I just have one more question for you. Uh, in terms of the status of the FBI investigation into your private email server. Have you been interviewed by the FBI yet?

[extraordinarily long, awkward pause]

Clinton: No.

Tapper: You haven’t.

[Clinton shaking head]

Tapper: Thanks so much, really appreciate your time, good luck at the debate [Clinton still shaking head] tonight.

If you want yet another illustration of Clinton’s troubles relating to ordinary people, MSNBC’s Chuck Todd today played Clinton a clip of Iowa voters explaining why they are hesitant to vote for her, noting that they don’t trust her, that they have concerns about her honesty, and that they think she doesn’t believe the rules apply to her. Chuck Todd gives her an opportunity to respond to these claims, and Clinton’s response, essentially, is that she’s trying very hard to win Iowa:



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