Priebus: Sorry I Defended Ted Cruz Less than Debbie Wasserman Schultz Did (VIDEO)

I don’t know if this is too little, too late, but at least Reince Priebus is now admitting the painfully obvious, which is that Ted Cruz is eligible to be President. Just now on Jake Tapper, Tapper asked the question that many Republicans – including those who are not supporters of Ted Cruz – have been asking for days. Basically, “How can Reince Priebus not have a position on whether one of his party’s probable nominees is eligible”?



Eh. It’s a plausible explanation I suppose – going through the media meat grinder can be difficult sometimes. But it does indicate, essentially, that Priebus has less media discipline when speaking about Republicans than Debbie Wasserman-Schultz does, who immediately defended Ted Cruz’s eligibility to be President. But it’s better than active malice, for sure.


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