Surprise! Bernie Sanders Has No Intention of Explaining How He Plans to Pay for his Single Payer Plan

Imagine my surprise. Nay, my shock and horror. A Democrat has proposed a plan, and does not intend to offer an explanation for how to pay for that plan.

If this can happen, what other horrors might befall this universe?


Of course, in this case, the press-Democrat is carrying water for Hillary, so they are actually going to point it out. Bernie Sanders has proposed imposing a single-payer health plan on America, which his liberal base loves. Hillary has challenged him on how he plans to pay for it, which means that Hillary apparently believes that being a tax hiker is going to be a net negative for Bernie Sanders in the Democrat primary. Sanders promised to release his tax plan before Iowa in order to explain everything.

Then Bernie looked at the polls, decided he was already winning and said, “Hey, what if I don’t, instead?”

Keene, New Hampshire (CNN)Bernie Sanders could break his pledge to release details on how he would pay for his health care plan before the Iowa caucuses, according to a top aide.

His campaign released details Wednesday of how Sanders will pay his $1 trillion dollar infrastructure plan and his $75-billion-a-year plan to make public college and universities tuition-free. But noticeably absent was his plan to pay for Medicare for all, a price tag that some estimates put at $15 trillion.

Again I am forced to note, that if Democrat voters cared how much “free” programs cost, they wouldn’t be Democrats. They’d be Republicans. I wonder when Hillary will figure this out.


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