Hillary's Latest Attack on Bernie Sanders Reeks of Flopsweat

Hillary Clinton is tanking in the polls, as two of them in succession have shown that her national lead over Bernie Sanders has dwindled to single digits. She further faces the spectre of another long trickle of damaging email releases, coupled with the expected release of Houma Abedin’s personal email right about exactly the time Super Tuesday is going to happen. So, yeah, things are not going great in Hillary 2016 land.


So it’s time for Hillary to go on the attack against Bernie Sanders, but what is she supposed to do? All the insane things he preaches economically are actually believed by the vast majority of Democrat voters. So she’s forced to resort to the counter-intuitive strategy of attacking Bernie for not explaining how he plans to pay for the free programs he’s proposing.

Ames, Iowa (CNN)Hillary Clinton blasted Bernie Sanders on Tuesday for waiting to release a tax plan detailing how he’ll pay for proposals like single-payer health insurance and free public college tuition, saying Iowa voters might not get a chance to vet his plan if it’s released too late.

* * *

“Sen. Sanders has some very big ideas, but he hasn’t yet told anybody how he would pay for them,” Clinton told Camerota.

“And he had promised that he would roll out his tax plans before the Iowa caucus on February 1,” Clinton said. “Well, if you wait too long, nobody will have a chance to see them or analyze them.”


News flash for Hillary Clinton: people who care about how the government is going to actually pay for the free programs they want the government to give them do not vote Democrat, they vote Republican. So she is basically appealing to the sensibilities of voters who will be deciding between Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio with an attack that is designed to pry away people who are currently willing to vote for a literal socialist.

Desperation is an ugly smell.


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