BREAKING: CNN Confirms North Korean Nuclear Weapons Test

CNN is reporting confirmation that North Korea has successfully tested a hydrogen bomb. Japanese media reported earlier today a major seismic event which the Japanese government strongly suspected was related to a nuclear explosion, and the NORKs confirmed that a nuclear weapons test was the source of the quake.


If you want to thank someone for this exciting new development in world affairs, look no farther than former President Bill Clinton, who allowed the insane kleptocrats who run North Korea to have nuclear technology based on their solemn word that they would never, ever use it to develop a nuclear weapon. But hey, there’s absolutely no reason to think that Obama’s deal with Iran will turn out in exactly in the same way; after all, the Iranians have always been super trustworthy and not at all opposed to American interests before.

Given that the current presumptive Democrat nominee has accomplished nothing of note other than being married to the aforementioned enabler of North Korean nuclear power, and given that she is essentially now allowing Bill Clinton to do all of her interacting with actual human beings for her, we should expect nothing less than a further continuation of this awesomely effective brand of diplomacy if she is elected.

Just remember, if you feel that every tin despot on the face of the Earth who hates America should be given nuclear technology in exchange for a worthless promise not to use that technology to develop a nuclear weapon, then definitely vote for Hillary Clinton in 2016.


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