The Democrats Do Not Want You to Watch Them Debate

The Democrat party is ashamed of their ideas. There’s no other conclusion to be drawn from the way they have drawn up their debate schedule, which was incredibly sparse to begin with. Not only were there few debates scheduled (a clear indication that the DNC is firmly in the tank for Hillary Clinton), but they have intentionally scheduled them at times that would conflict with other major events so as to intentionally drive down television ratings.


The latest example comes in the final Democrat debate of 2015, set in New Hampshire this weekend. This, you might be aware, is the weekend before Christmas, and someone might have also told you that there’s a Star Wars movie coming out this weekend that a few people will be out to see. I definitely may have heard something about it on Facebook and Twitter. With all the Christmas shopping, Star Wars watching, and holiday travel going on this weekend, the number of people who are going to tune in to watch Bernie Sanders bow in obeisance before America’s mother-in-law has to be approaching zero.

That, of course, is exactly what the Democrat party wants. Likely Democrat voters remain largely indifferent to terrorism and foreign policy, as a recent Q-poll indicated that only 8% of Democrats considered terrorism to be their most important issue, and another 12% considered foreign policy to be their most important issue, for a total of about 20%. Meanwhile, among the combined total of Republicans and independents, 41% consider one or the other to be their most important issue.

That is why, at a Democrat debate, all three candidates can say some variation on the theme that climate change is a bigger threat than all other foreign policy issues combined. The voters who are dedicated enough Democrats to turn in to one of these clown shows don’t really care about foreign policy at all, but they do care about climate change. However, the reasonably intelligent people in the DNC do not want anyone who’s an actually undecided or moderate voter to hear Democrats saying this on television, so the debates have been safely tucked away.


Meanwhile, the Republicans have been scheduling as many debates as possible, even given the possibility that Trump will say something embarrassing and damaging to the party – knowing that for whatever damage Trump might cause, his presence on television brings attention to the ideas set forth by candidates like Rubio and Cruz – ideas they are proud to share with the American people.

The Democrats clearly do not feel the same way.


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