The Media Has Spent Over 10 Times as Much Time Covering Trump's Remarks as they Have Obama's Speech


I do not agree with Trump’s remarks or his proposal to ban Muslims from immigrating to the country. But I think it is safe to say that the media freakout over his remarks has reached insane levels. If you have watched cable news today, as I have, you will know that not a single half hour segment has gone by on either CNN or MSNBC without mention of them. Often, it’s much more than mention; I have seen multiple 15 minute segments dedicated entirely to network-sponsored outrage over his remarks.


Meanwhile, it’s almost like the President didn’t even give a speech on Sunday night that was supposed to be a pretty big deal.

The MRC surveyed JUST the major networks and found that they have devoted an astounding 105 minutes of coverage on either their flagship morning shows or their nightly evening news to the Trump remarks. The President’s speech meanwhile, got infinitesimal coverage, and I can tell you that for cable news, the disparity has been even worse.

We haven’t had a single vote cast in a single primary – in fact, it’s not even election year yet – and somehow Donald Trump’s comments merit over ten times the attention that an allegedly major address given in prime time from the oval office by a sitting President gets?

It’s one thing to observe partisan bias in the media and what they pay attention to, and there’s probably some measure of that going on. But the more cynical side of me just wants to chalk this level of completely unjustified coverage up to the fact that Trump being Trump draws ratings better than anything else does.


Either that, or what Trump has to say really is ten times more important than what Barack Obama has to say, which is very possible.


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