The New York Daily News Hates Everything America Stands For


No, I’m not talking about their ludicrous anti-prayer cover; it’s their right to put whatever ridiculous pulp on their cover that they want to sell papers. I’m talking about this absurd piece that treats talking about Jesus at work as a literal capital offense. The story focuses on Nicholas Thalasinos, a Messianic Jew who CNN has already sort of blamed for the Muslim San Bernardino killer’s terrorist rampage that left 14 dead and over a dozen more injured.


The New York Daily News has now taken it a step farther. In their world, a person who talks about their faith in Jesus (and defends the NRA) is literally equally culpable for the murder of 14 people as the person who responded to that workplace evangelism by shooting roughly three dozen people.

Let me brief Linda Stasi and whoever cleared this pap appearing in their paper: the whole idea of America is that you are allowed to discuss your religious and political views publicly without being killed for them. America is a place were we do NOT look at a situation where a person (along with 13 of his coworkers) gets shot to death by a religiously intolerant terrorist just for preaching his faith and say, “Well, they were both sort of at fault here.” That’s kind of the reason our forefathers left Europe.

The reality, of course, is that only one religion gets this kind of treatment from people like Linda Stasi and the New York Daily News. Let’s suppose that the roles were reversed. Imagine that Farook was a loud obnoxious Muslim who had Facebook links to leftist political causes, and a Messianic Jew responded to his workplace proselytizing by going home, grabbing his wife, and returning to work and shooting over 30 people with assault rifles. I know you probably can’t even imagine that because so far as I know, a Jewish person has literally never been involved in domestic terrorism, which is pretty incredible if you stop to think about it. But humor me for a second and try to imagine it.


Do you think anyone from the New York Daily News or anywhere else in the media would right now be saying, “well gee, Farook was kind of at fault here”? Of course not. Muslims get special consideration in the “popping off and killing a bunch of people” department from people like Stasi. If someone draws an insulting picture of Jesus and a Christian kills him, that would be universally condemned (if, hypothetically, it ever happened, which it doesn’t for some weird reason). If someone draws an equivalent picture of Mohammed and their whole workplace gets shot up, that’s “understandable” and “legitimate.”

This is not 16th century Europe, where whichever religious group is in favor with the ruling government can kill adherents to other religions for ridiculous reasons like “he tried to convince me to switch religions” or “he made fun of my beard.” This is America, where we condemn people who use violence to stop the expression of religious beliefs, full stop.

In fact, that’s more or less the point of America. We did not leave sectarian violence imposed by other Christians four centuries ago just to accept it being done by Muslims here in 2015.


If Linda Stasi wants to live in a country where people think it’s okay to kill someone for professing Jewish or Christian beliefs, then I invite her to move to one of the many countries in the Middle East where she might feel more at home. Here in America, we do things differently.


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