Syed Farook's Family Has Hired a Crazy, Conspiracy-theory Addled Lawyer (Updated)

I haven’t really wanted to comment on this because I try not to judge how a family handles its grief at the loss of a family member. However, the family has hired two lawyers, at least one of whom appears to be a stark raving conspiracy nut. These two yahoos have been on virtually every media outlet in the entire world today, and it’s time to at least acknowledge that they are not helping. Of course, I’m not entirely sure what the family’s goal is at this point.


It is beyond caveat, according to the testimony of basically infinity witnesses, that both Farook and his wife exchanged fire with police when police attempted to stop them in the now-infamous black SUV. Moreover, the trail of evidence that led them to Farook came from a tip from a worker at the County office, and when police looked into Farook they found that he had rented the black SUV that witnesses had clearly indicated the shooters had left the scene in. Even if you discount all the evidence found by police (as conspiracy theorists are wont to do), then you are left with overwhelming testimony by innocent bystanders that these two were responsible for the shootings in San Bernardino.

Now, they’re both dead at this point and thus not going to ever face trial. Only a crazy person would attempt to sue the city for their wrongful deaths, given what has occurred. So I am not sure what the end game is here for these attorneys, but right now they are making themselves and the Farook family seem like kooks.

Here they are, for instance, suggesting that Sandy Hook never even happened:

There’s a lot of crazy to unpack in this one clip, but one of the attorneys, David Chesley, seems to suggest that because Farook’s wife, Tafsheen Malik, was small, she couldn’t have held a gun. Or something. He seems to think that by invoking “Bonnie and Clyde” everyone will see how insane this is and that it’s all a joke to suggest that his client was involved. The main problem he has is that someone performed those shootings, and by all accounts it was his client.


There’s also the statement, “There were a lot of questions drawn with Sandy Hook and whether or not that was a real incident or not.” I confess to being at a loss as to what this is even supposed to mean. Is he suggesting that the Sandy Hook massacre never happened? Because that’s sure what it sounds like, which is a step waaaaaaayyy into wacko territory.

Here is Chesley earlier today with CNN’s Chris Cuomo, expanding on these remarks saying that a 90-pound woman is also apparently incapable of wearing a vest.


He also questions why they were “apparently” found face down and handcuffed in the truck (news helicopters got footage of one of the suspects after they had been shot and had fallen out of the car, so this is not how they were “found.” Maybe eventually someone picked up the dead body and put it in the car, but there’s actual video evidence that they weren’t shot while face down and cuffed in the car, which is what this loon seems to be suggesting).

He also raises the “compelling” point that “no one has ever seen Syed with some of the things they found at the scene.” When Cuomo pressed with “Like what?” He answered, “The pipe bombs, for example. No one had ever seen him have or use anything like that.”


You know who else no one had ever seen have or use a pipe bomb? The Unabomber. I mean, right up until he was caught being the Unabomber, that is. People who intend to use pipe bombs and assault weapons don’t generally go out parading them around in public before their intended use. I mean, even the very stupidest of criminals understands that.

Again, I don’t know what the family’s goal in hiring this guy was. If they are planning to sue the city or county for wrongful death, I can safely say that this is the worst idea anyone has ever had. I have no idea if the FBI is looking into the family as possible accomplices, but if so, Chesley’s representation of them doesn’t require him to spew nonsense on television. If they want someone to make the case that Farook might have been innocent, they could do better than to hire a guy who thinks that Sandy Hook might have literally not happened.

UPDATE 1 – 12/4/15, 8:03PM ET: As if to underline this point, these two yahoos went out this afternoon while I was at the dentist and held a press conference. I am just now sitting down and attempting to watch this debacle and I don’t even know where to start:


This entire press conference is worse than that scene from Swingers where Jon Favreau tries to leave a message for the girl he met at the bar, in terms of its unique ability to make you cringe, stare in stupefied disbelief, and laugh all at the same time. Watching the first seven minutes of this presser alone completely broke my brain. I kept wanting to stop and write a post about every single sentence that fell out of their mouths once the questions actually started.


The only thing I can tell you is to watch the whole thing.

If you dare.

I am told, by the way, that CAIR is paying for these yahoos, and that they held a presser yesterday and announced that they would be hiring these guys. Sorry I missed it; in my defense I don’t listen to what CAIR says ever.


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