BREAKING: Mass Shooting in San Bernardino, Liberals on Twitter Ecstatic

As of this moment, reports are confused and conflicting, but it looks like there may be more than a dozen victims. As of this moment police are saying that there were multiple shooters in what looked like a coordinated attack, and that there are multiple suspects still at large.


Expect that within the first 24 hours in particular much of what comes out will be erroneous, and with that in mind, we will try not to draw conclusions about what’s unfolding on live television right now until we have some more official answers. It does seem, whether through chance or by design, that the victims who were targeted were largely or wholly disabled.

In the meantime, while the suspects are still at large and haven’t even been identified (much less their motive!) here are some tweets from liberals who are involved in their favorite sporting event, pin the shooting on a conservative!


It’s a good thing no one is jumping to premature conclusions in a desperate bid to gain attention for their failing Presidential campaign!


Is this a thing now? Every time there is a shooting, even if it super obviously does not target a Planned Parenthood, are we going to determine how far it is from the nearest Planned Parenthood and report that fact? Stein’s grasp of San Bernardino geography, however, was much better than Alan Colmes’.

That is one hell of a street, if it’s 1.3 miles across.

This is probably my favorite thus far because, like everything else Markos writes, it is the least informed and stupidest take imaginable.



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