CNN: If You Oppose Gun Control You Are a "Fool" and a "Coward" (VIDEO)


Just now on CNN, host Carol Costello and Chris Cuomo held an unbelievable conversation about gun control. It is one thing for Cuomo to spout off at the mouth, because that is what he does. But Carol Costello is the host of a news program for a network that prides itself for having not gone the way of MSNBC or FoxNews, in terms of having hosts that openly pander to one side or the other. If anything, Costello’s hysterical gun control rant is worse than Cuomo’s in this clip:


Rough transcript is as follows:

Cuomo: You know what, I have a better answer for you now. Of course you’re angry. You’re angry because you know that there are solutions to this. Uh, these are not impossible problems. Are they intractable? Are they difficult to deal with the frustrations and problems of politics? Yes. But none of those are reasons for no solution. Of course there’s a better way to deal with guns in this society than we are. Any fool would know that. But what the preferences are for those solutions or lack thereof is where we get caught.

Can we do better with the mentally ill? Of course we can. You ask any clinician, you ask any politician who’s taken time to study it, of course we can. Of course there’s better monitoring, better treatment, better avenues. [mc_name name=’Rep. Tim Murphy (R-PA)’ chamber=’house’ mcid=’M001151′ ] has a bill right now that’s going nowhere in Congress. Of course the gun policy doesn’t make sense right now. Of course it doesn’t. And that’s why you’re angry. Because there is a necessary frustration when you’re faced with situations that are so obvious, that don’t change over time. I’ve been in 20 different states covering this, since Columbine. I’ve been to far too many. The questions are always the same.

And the answers don’t come and we know why they don’t come. And that’s why you’re angry, Carol.

Costello: That’s right.

Cuomo: And the question is, what do you do with that anger, what will make a difference?

Costello: You know, the other frustration is, that we live in a country with, um, with unbelievably smart people who can find solutions, yet we all sit back and say, “Ah, what can you do? There are evil people in the world.” Well, of course there are. But to say there’s nothing we can do about it, that’s just the coward’s way out, that’s not the American way, I just don’t understand that. There are solutions, we just have to sit down and talk about them like reasonable people.

* * *

Costello: And I’ll just button it up here, Chris. You know, when I was a girl, I lived in rural America. I had a gun. I’m not against guns. But I don’t understand why responsible gun owners don’t want to do anything to get the bad gun owners, the irresponsible gun owners out of the way – to make sure that guns don’t land in the wrong hands. Because those irresponsible, violent gun owners give everybody a bad name, including responsible gun owners. And they should be leading the fight, and I don’t understand why they’re not.

Cuomo: You understand why they’re not.

Costello: I know. . .

Cuomo: You understand the politics that are involved.

Costello: [Shaking head wistfully]

Cuomo: The question is what will make the difference. Because you’ll hear them come out and say the right things right now, but what happens tomorrow, what happens next week, what happens a month from now, when you have parents like Andy [the victim of the Roanoke shooting’s father, who was on in the prior segment advocating for gun control] all over this country, wanting something to be different for someobody else’s kids than what happened to their own.

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