Blake Hounshell and the Fake Objectivity of the Modern Press


There are a lot of news stories that happen from day to day when the press somehow manages to come to a consensus that what has happened is a Bad Thing. For instance, when Donald Trump released [mc_name name=’Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’G000359′ ]’s personal cell phone number, the tone (and sometimes outright content) of mainstream reporting indicated that Trump had done a Bad Thing. There was no attempt to paint the story in any sort of fake objective light – e.g., “Trump released Graham’s cell phone number and some are outraged, but others defend it because [fake reason here.]”


On the other hand, when the nation’s largest abortion provider gets caught on videotape selling baby parts for money, the fake objectivity of the modern press rears its ugly head. For some reason, the sale of dissected humans is not a story that can bring the press to reach the magical land of consensus and say that a Bad Thing happened at all.

Consider: over the last few days we have been treated to the spectacle of Planned Parenthood director Cecile Richards defending the practice of chopping small humans up and selling those parts for scientific research. A rather obvious historical parallel rears its ugly head, and Erick went on twitter last night to point it out:


Now listen, there are a lot of stories where you don’t want to bring out the comparison to literally any Nazi for any reason. However, when the story of the day involves someone being caught on tape discussing human experimentation, you can probably let that particular qualm go. I mean, that is literally what Josef Mengele is known for. And Erick didn’t even say that Richards was exactly like Mengele, he said she was the closest we have come in America to Josef Mengele – which, to my mind, is entirely too charitable; the butchery of Richards and her ilk has far surpassed that of Mengele by this point, but I digress. Enter Blake Hounshell of Politico to object on behalf of the fake objectivity of the press:  


I guess I just don’t understand where we have come as a society where literally nothing can apparently be compared to the Nazis (except Republicans, by Democrats) without drawing derisive sniffs from the pretend objective press. One gets the feeling that if Cecile Richards were caught on tape literally herding Jews into a gas chamber, Blake Hounshell would object to any conservative saying, “Boy, she sure is a lot like Josef Mengele.”

People say the press is mostly liberal. That’s by and large true, but it misses quite a lot of nuance in terms of where the press comes down on certain issues. There are people peppered throughout the national press corps with conservative or at least libertarian leanings on a whole host of issues. However, one issue on which the national press – even the ostensibly conservative members – is almost totally monolithic is life issues. Even Charles Krauthammer, while opposed to Roe v. Wade, supports legalized abortion. Ditto John Stossel, and virtually every other prominent token conservative/liberal member of the legacy media.

As a consequence, there is no issue with respect to which the media is more out of step with the American public, which is more or less split down the middle on the issue of abortion generally – and which has been watching with horror (when the media deigns to show them) these videos of doctors discussing the sale of babies’ livers with all the nonchalance of Tony Soprano discussing the price of hookers in New Jersey.


But make no mistake; this campaign by Hounshell and others in the media is not the result of accidentally being out of step with their audience. It is part of a deliberate campaign to convince the American public that the revulsion and horror they feel at what has been uncovered in these videos is not appropriate – that reasonable people shouldn’t look at what’s going on here and think to themselves, “My God, this happens in America? I thought we put an end to this stuff when we defeated Nazi Germany!”

You see, that impulse is ridiculous and not befitting a reasonable person such as yourself. If you don’t believe it, Blake Hounshell and the rest of the pretend objective media are here to drive the message home for you.


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