The White House Gaslights America on Immigration

Josh EarnestThe evidence by this point has become pretty overwhelming that the White House plans some sort of mass amnesty via executive fiat immediately after the elections have concluded. Disgruntled Democrat Hispanics have openly declared that Obama has promised them as much, and earlier this week, Breitbart News revealed that the Administration was placing a supply order that would enable them to issue 34 million green cards, which would represent either a drastic and unprecedented increase in work visa issuage or (more likely) a one-time massive order for them pursuant to an Obama executive order.


In the face of this mounting and very public evidence, the press yesterday tried to get Obama to admit to the obvious – which is that he is planning something having to do with immigration in very short order. Rather than admit that some manner of plans in the works but denying that the election has anything to do with the timing, the White House instead decided to take the approach of gaslighting all of America with respect to their immigration plans:

The gall of these people is really something to behold, even after having witnessed six full years of it. I think Major Garrett speaks for all of America in this particular clip when he says to Josh Earnest, who was trying to pretend that everyone asking the question was insane, “Look, don’t be absurd with us.”

Being absurd with America is all the Obama administration has left. And now, knowing that they will never face election again, and knowing that their best chance at a political turnaround is to try to force the Republicans to attempt impeachment proceedings, expect a whole lot more of being absurd with America from this administration over the next two years.



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