Will the Chamber of Commerce Back Democrat Mary Landrieu?


Avowed enemy of conservatives and champion of corporate welfare the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is reportedly contemplating backing Democrat Mary Landrieu over Bill Cassidy in the LA Senate race. Per the Hill, New York Times columnist Joe Nocera may have inadvertently leaked plans on the part of the Chamber to back Landrieu this November. Per other reports on Twitter, the Chamber is still staying mum and allegedly has not yet made a decision about who to endorse.


Per TalkingPointsMemo, it is useful to recall what the Chamber’s perspective on these matters is:

A U.S. Chamber of Commerce scorecard said Landrieu votes for pro-business legislation more often than Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), according to The Wall Street Journal.

In previous elections, the Chamber has spent money on television ads supporting Landrieu’s campaign. In April, the Chamber’s senior political strategist, Scott Reed, said it was too early to make a decision on whether they would support Landrieu or not.

It’s useful to remember that what counts as “pro-business legislation” now according to the Chamber of Commerce is funding Obamacare to avoid the shutdown, which they are still cross with Ted Cruz about fighting. Also, votes against pork and the size of government generally and for any meaningful cuts in spending are anti-business because of the amount of corporate lard pasted into spending bills under recent Democrat administrations.


The Chamber’s ways will never change until its constituent businesses make it change by hitting the Chamber in the dues pocket where it counts.



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