Reminder: The Chamber of Commerce is an Ideological and Political Enemy to Conservatives


The Chamber of Commerce has long been thought to be an ally of the GOP, by and large. They have made it clear during the course of the current fight for the soul of the GOP, however, that they are mostly an ally of crony capitalism and corporate welfare and those who enable it, and committed opponents of grassroots conservatives. The Chamber of Commerce pumped massive amounts of money into Mississippi on behalf of the execrable and race baiting pudding enthusiast Thad Cochran, helped Mitch McConnell defeat Matt Bevin, have publicly undermined Ted Cruz at every turn, and are backing Pat Roberts over Milton Wolf in Kansas. The Chamber has clearly indicated that politically, they are most interested in backing candidates who will keep the government spigots for corporate welfare turned ON.


Likewise, the Chamber of Commerce has begun taking issue advocacy positions that are directly contrary to those of grassroots conservatives. The Chamber went completely unhinged on immigration earlier this year, threatening the GOP with total warfare if they did not pass the bad Senate bill. The Chamber of Commerce has also been one of the primary focus in pushing Common Core at both the national and local levels.

As I was at Glenn Beck’s We Will Not Conform event in Dallas last night, I was struck by how often the local organizers there said that the main force of organized support for Common Core they faced came from the Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber’s support for this massive Federal intrusion into local education decisions is both open and unabashed. The Chamber has funneled millions of dollars into pro-Common Core organizing and propaganda. This is a top down effort for the Chamber as both the national and state charters have joined the pro-Common Core push.

So remember, if you’re a conservative business owner and you’re considering membership in your local Chamber of Commerce, your money will likely not just be used to lobby for pro-business policies, it will also be spent directly in support of big government Republicans, open borders policies, and Common Core propaganda. The Chamber of Commerce is is not an ally to any conservative, but rather is both a political and ideological enemy.



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