John Cornyn's New Ad is Quite Good

I’m a big fan of improving our position in the Senate and within the Senate GOP caucus wherever we have a feasible opportunity. This year, we do not have such a feasible opportunity in the TX-Sen race, where John Cornyn is currently facing a challenge from the unserious Steve Stockman.


I know that a great many people have problems with Cornyn despite his conservative voting record based on actions taken by the NRSC during his tenure and the perception that he is establishment aligned. But the analysis cannot end there. Even if you strongly favor replacing Cornyn with someone better, you must examine whether someone better exists. The evidence thus far suggests that Steve Stockman and his clownish twitter feed and fraudulent endorsement list doesn’t qualify. However bad Cornyn is, replacing him with someone who would likely end up handing the seat over to a Democrat in the general for six years is not a viable solution.

In any event, Team Cornyn just today released a new ad, and it’s quite good – here for your consideration:



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