Trayvon Martin Story Destroys Last of Media's Credibility

I don’t really know what happened between George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin. What I do know is that this story has resulted in at least one homicide – the self-inflicted homicide of the media’s last shreds of credibility. And it isn’t just conservative blogs that are noticing – even straight news sources have begun to notice the shame with which the media has covered itself during this entire sad saga. The Washington Post reported Friday that NBC’s egregious editing of Zimmerman’s 911 call will be “internally reviewed,” which is as close as you will ever get to an admission of a very serious screw up from a major news organization.


The most stunning admission yet came from something called a Touré, which is apparently an MSNBC contributor. Touré apparently got tired of being on a television channel no one watches so he went on Piers Morgan last week to take Piers to task for the journalistic crime of getting both sides of the story:

You know, at NBC, in the hallways, we were laughing at you today,” Touré told Morgan. “We wouldn’t take [Robert Zimmerman]. Standards and Practices at NBC wouldn’t let him get through door. And you had him on the air and allowed the hundreds of thousands or tens of thousands or whatever number of people watch your show listen to what he had to say.

This is the first time I can remember an alleged news figure explicitly stating that his network had a policy against allowing one of the major players in a national news story to give his side. My favorite part of Touré’s hysterical rant was his indignation at the fact that people would hear what Zimmerman had to say. One thing is clear – the way the media has been covering this story so far validates that Touré really was telling the truth. Journalistic Standards and Practices apparently don’t allow for any coverage of the Trayvon Martin story that would suggest that the race pimps who are currently hustling this story don’t have it right.



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