The Most Important Election This Year

Via the Transom, Nick Schulz in the USA Today argues that the recall elections for Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin are more important than the 2012 Presidential elections.


The claim that “this presidential election is the most important election ever” is an enduring political cliché, and it’s almost always wrong. Consider this year. It’s likely the 2012 race for the White House won’t even be the most important contest of this year, much less of all time.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is currently the target of a recall effort spearheaded by national public employee unions. If his opponents get enough signatures by Jan. 17, Wisconsin will hold a gubernatorial election this summer. The outcome is crucial to the future of the country.

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Here’s why the stakes in Wisconsin are so high. Public employee unions understand that the legitimacy of collective bargaining privileges is now in question, as cash-strapped states struggle under the burden of a costly public sector. If they can knock off Walker, they send a powerful signal to other reform-oriented governors not to target collective bargaining.

Read, as they say, the whole thing. The reality is that Scott Walker has already passed more significant reforms in a hostile state in one year than most of the current GOP primary field combined. His bold efforts have helped to balance the state budget, end voting corruption, and keep numerous Wisconsin counties and cities fiscally sound. No one in the current field can claim to have accomplished these things in a liberal state during the middle of this recession.


While we all analyze, nitpick, prop up and tear down guys like Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, and Rick Santorum, the liberals are taking the opportunity to go to war against someone who has actually shown an ability to get a state’s fiscal house in order during the current economic wreck. I’d happily vote for him right now over any other candidate on the ballot, but liberals and union thugs are doing everything in their power and pulling out every dirty trick in the book to cut his tenure short, because their own place at the government trough is more important to them than the fiscal health of the country.

We’ll have more as the year goes on about how you can help get involved to beat back the union thugs and stand with Scott Walker. Just remember that the Presidential election isn’t the only one going on this year.



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