Ron Paul is Crazy, Part 4,018,663

Know what I’m curious about? I’m curious as to whether there is any video out there of some citizen journalist shoving a microphone in Ron Paul’s face and asking him about some conspiracy theory – any conspiracy theory at all – and Paul just flatly tells the person asking the question that he’s being ridiculous. We already have Ron Paul on the record grousing aloud about the grassy knoll and (under the most charitable possible interpretation of the facts) humoring 9/11 truthers. I guess I really shouldn’t be surprised to find this in response to “Hey, what about those Bildebergers?”


Of course, if you REALLY want a chuckle, fast forward to the 8:40 mark of this clip for a chance to hear Ron Paul literally say, verbatim and without irony, “Yeah, well, that sure is a sign that [Rick Perry] is very much involved in the international conspiracy!”


Look, it isn’t just that Paul is uncomfortable embarrassing questioners by disagreeing with their entire premise. If someone asks him, “Hey, the Iranians are pretty close to having a nuke, shouldn’t we do something?” or “I know you are non-interventionist, but wouldn’t you have at least supported doing something to stop Hitler from exterminating the Jews?” then Paul is willing to flat out give answers he knows will disappoint the questioners. However, whenever an obviously paranoid nutter approaches him and asks him about something almost no unmedicated people believes, he starts sounding a lot like this:


At this point, I think we should try to find if there is honestly a conspiracy theory he will flatly shoot down – “Do you think the moon landing was staged?” You know, absolutely crazy stuff, like, “Do you think the United States Government is going to build a wall to keep people from escaping to Mexico?” I want to know if there are any that he will flatly dismiss out of hand.

You know, other than the conspiracy wherein there are Muslim terrorists who are trying to destroy the United States.

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