Citizen Journalism Stops a Liberal Meme In Its Tracks

As we have already covered earlier today, MSNBC and ABC News attempted to peddle a baldfaced lie about Perry, using deceptive editing to make it appear that Perry had made a racist remark about President Obama. Before the blogosphere existed, other news organizations would have simply run with ABC’s interpretation of the facts and before the nascent Perry campaign could have formulated an effective response, a substantial portion of America’s population would have been told by the media that Perry has a problem with a black man being President.


However, thanks to’s Larry O’Connor (host of the Stage Right Show, which will be a national radio show soon if there is any justice), this meme was stopped in its tracks before it could even take hold. ABC News was forced to surreptitiously doctor their page to note that Perry was actually talking about the national debt. Futhermore – miracle of miracles – MSNBC’s Ed Schultz was forced to actually sort of apologize for his blatant distortion of the truth:


I agree with Larry that this was nothing more than a lame quasi-apology which didn’t cover the important points, but the die has still been cast. If Ed Schultz of all people has apologized for it, then never again will any reputable newsman be able to use this falsely edited clip as a talking point. There is no doubt that the media will continue to lamely attempt to paint every Republican as a racist, but at least now they know we are looking over their shoulder. Kudos to Larry for smoking this one out with the truth.



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