Ron Paul Announces 2012 Bid

UPDATE: Via Jenn Q. Public at TWSS, I see that Ron Paul already has expressed opposition to the Bin Laden killing. The man is simply not capable of taking a position in support of America.


Well, it’s official. I guess we can expect to have of thousands of the most obnoxious Obama voters following the GOP candidates around, spamming every internet and telephone poll, and chanting pointless slogans at everyone again, because Ron Paul is running. When Paul once again goes down to ignominious defeat, we can also expect them to make another ridiculous attempt to overturn the will of GOP primary voters by unsuccessfully trying to hijack the GOP convention once again. And when all that is over, we can expect about 85% of them to vote for Obama, again.

As for Ron Paul as a candidate, my only regret is that debate organizers will probably once again give this hypocritical anti-American crank a platform. The party’s image will doubtless be harmed by giving this fool a podium and television time so that he can explain why wikileaks is awesome, Chinese totalitarians are the in thing with the kids these days, and what the Federal government needs is more earmarks (but only for stuff expressly authorized by the Constitution like shrimp marketing research). I am 100% confident that given the opportunity Ron Paul will be complaining in no time about Bin Laden’s death on national TV because of some half-cocked constitutional theory that Ron Paul will selectively use to mask the fact that, at bottom, Ron Paul is an ally of the enemies of America.


All of this is regrettable, but it is not exactly news. There’s always a useful idiot at hand for the media to use against Republicans. That Ron Paul is more odious than most will not fundamentally change the equation.


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