Wisconsin AFL-CIO Holds Joint Rally with Planned Parenthood

UPDATE: Two more resources for union members wanting to divert their dues to charity, the National Right to Work Foundation and Union Refund.

Maybe if you’ve been a union member for some time, you’ve been able to avoid some level of discomfort over your union dues going to the political campaigns of Democrats. Maybe you’re a hard-working conscientious person who can rationalize this by saying that, after all, the Democrats are more pro-union than Republicans, generally speaking. Maybe you were able to swallow your irritation at the massive union support for Obamacare despite knowing full well that Obamacare was likely to eliminate many working class jobs as companies could not afford to afford the mandate. Now, on the other hand, the Wisconsin AFL-CIO has gone one step farther to stand in defense of an organization – Planned Parenthood – that has nothing whatsoever to do with union or working issues. That’s right: from now on you (or at least your union dues) are now in favor of taxpayer funding for abortion.



Wisconsin AFL-CIO members, you just essentially got conscripted into MoveOn.org. There is no defensible justification for the AFL-CIO to support government funding of Planned Parenthood but they are doing it anyway.

Good news, though, union members. If your union has gone down this road, they have just forfeited their right to your union dues. Even though they may fight you over it, you are entitled as a conscientious objector to divert your union dues to a charity even if you are in a closed shop. If your union refuses to honor this request, file a complaint with the EEOC (which you can do yourself). And if that doesn’t work, contact an employment lawyer in your area.

It’s time for union members to stand up to this kind of disgusting overreach once and for all.


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