California Dems unhinged and on the defense

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Obama are you listening???

Ladies and Germs. We have an ultra phenomenon here.California could actually go RED!!

California DEMS are nervous, scared and unhinged. Yep. I heard it firsthand. I was on a conference call courtesy of Ruby’s List, a coalition of California progressive organizations. Ms. Reid (Ruby) was kind enough to invite me on the call with the following California Dem A-list:

  • Molly Culver–California Democratic Party
  • Crystal Strait–campaign manager for Barbara Boxer
  • Schuylar Hudak–Jerry Brown campaign manager
  • Mary Hodge–campaign manager for Debra Bowen for Secretary of State (incumbent)

Here are some highlights of this one-hour call.

In spite of what you may have heard, the Dems are coming unglued in California. Here is a quote from Ms. Culver of the CDP:

Whitman and Fiorina are printing dollars in the basement. The only way we can win is by GOTV (getting out the vote). We need more volunteers.That is the only way we can win.

Ms. Hudak of the Brown campaign was equally unoptimistic:

Whitman has $150M, and has promised $50M more. We won’t try and compete with that kind of money. No one has ever run a gubernatorial race like this. Brown has only $2M.

Crystal Strait, the CM for Babs “ma’am” Boxer: the nervousness and fear in her voice was palpable I say, palpable!

If we have a low turnout, the Republicans win. A large turnout the Dems win. That is why we are concentrating on GOTV. We need bodies and small business owners who support Boxer.


Another quote from Culver:

We are not throwing any more money into these races. We need to use OFA, phone banking and get bodies to provide stamps for registration forms and provide rides to the polls.

Hodge of the Bowen campaign (Bowen is also a Soros-funded SoS project enrollee) was more optimistic for a Bowen win.

And the best quote from Culver:

The Republicans are upset and pissed.


Go get ’em!

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