Union Free Radio, Ep. 4: Here's Everything You Need to Know About the PRO Act's 'ABC Test' & Why Millions Are Worried

AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli
With California’s passage of AB5, union-backed politicians took aim at companies like Uber and Lyft–and missed…Now, though, the 57 million Americans who make up America’s ‘gig economy’ may ultimately pay the price with the poisonous PRO Act.

Following a listener’s question about the onerous ‘ABC Test’ contained in the poisonous PRO Act, Union Free Radio host Peter List takes listeners on a deep-dive of what the ABC Test is, and how it could devastate the 57 million Americans who comprise the ‘gig economy.’

Here’s everything you ever wanted to know–maybe more–about the ‘ABC Test’ in the economy-killing PRO Act.


Articles cited in this episode (and other resources):



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