Union Free Radio, Ep. 3: What Employees Don’t Know About Unions Might Hurt Them

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Today’s lack of institutional memory in our society is dangerous for employees and their employers.

In this episode of Union Free Radio, podcast host and RedState.com contributor Peter List addresses society’s general lack of knowledge about today’s unions and how it is dangerous for both employees and their employers.


To most people today, if they have any knowledge about unions, it’s from Hollywood—from movies, like Netflix’s The Irishman or Casino, and that lack of knowledge can be expensive to learn.

“Unless they work for a really crappy employer,” List states, “if employees know the truth about unions, their history and how they work, as well as the rights they already have, most will decide they don’t want a union.”

“Most employees today,” List continued, “until they learn the hard way, don’t know that unions are legally allowed to overpromise in order to unionize them and legally allowed to underdeliver once they’ve succeeded in unionizing them.”


Articles cited in this episode:


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